2019 The First Ever Breakup Report in Hong Kong

By Breakup Tours | December 31, 2019

Report by Breakup Tours.

Breaking up is what everyone encounters at some point in life. It crosses genders and generations. Some may take a few months to get recovered, some may actually be haunted for life, without the proper care. Breakup Tours is a one-of-a-kind travel booking app, curating activities that aimed at helping people to get over and move on. We recommend travel activities, accommodations and healing products based on your mood. Most amazingly, you will get to join our singles’ traveler community!

We believe traveling is the best remedy to get over a painful past. Traveling allows you to break away your routine, and gain new perspectives about the life and changes. Through the process, we learn to enjoy some ME time, and meet a bigger world with new people, places and things. More importantly, we learn to be a better self.

In the first 50 days of our APP launch in Hong Kong (6 November to 25 December), our APP has gained over 8700 downloads, 4000 registered members. We therefore present you this <2019 The First Ever Breakup Report in Hong Kong>, by Breakup Tours.

1. The most popular city of Breakup Tour: Taipei

According to our sales figure, 41% of people going through a breakup tend to travel to Taipei, followed by Tokyo (30%) and Bangkok (16%). Our most viewed article in our blog, , with more than 1m views, is also about traveling in Taiwan.

Taiwan has been a popular getaway destination for Hong Kong people. With the short flight-time, and the conveniency of a common language, what’s not to like for a weekend holiday and enjoy a break only to yourself.

P.S. Breakup Tours offers experiences in the following travel destinations: Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Chiangmai, Bangkok, Pattaya and Hong Kong

2. Top 10 Searched Experiences on Breakup Tours

Breakup Tours provide travel experience unlike what other travelers look for. From our experience, broken-up people are more willing to try new things or accept new challenges when they travel. These experiences are essential to their healing journey and thus help them embrace this change.

In our 10 top searched experiences, 7 of them are not ordinary travel experiences. Our champion activity is “A Spa for Eyes, Nose, Ears”, which you can enjoy a rare Ear Cleaning Spa. In the second place, the ‘Golden Butterfly Ginger’ Spiritual Inquiry” helps people to figure out the “WHYs” in their failed relationships. The Hong Kong experience, “Go HIIT, get FIT! – HIIT Fitness Training” is also very popular, an activity which you can keep fit, and meet new friends.

Enjoy a “Therapeutic Haircut Experience” to create a new look of yourself by a local Taiwanese hairdresser;
“A Story in Exchange for a Song” and “Mixing a Cocktail with your Story” serve your drinks and awesome music based on your breakup story; make your own scandals with the traditional craftsman tutorial in “Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship: Sandals Making”.

Top 10 Searched Experiences on Breakup Tours
A Spa for Eyes, Nose, Ears – Taichung
‘Golden Butterfly Ginger’ Spiritual Inquiry – Taipei
teamLab Borderless Admission Ticket – Tokyo
Go HIIT, get FIT! – HIIT Fitness Training – Hong Kong
Tokyo Disneyland 1-Day Admission Ticket – Tokyo
Therapeutic Haircut Experience – Taipei
A Story in Exchange for a Song – Taipei
Sgraffito Animal Ceramics Making- Hong Kong
Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship: Sandals Making – Tokyo
Mixing a Cocktail with your Story – Taipei

3. Plan their trip based on their MOOD

People used to plan their trip in the traditional way of fitting in schedules based on their flight dates, cities and experience keywords they are looking for.

While more than half of our members (51%) search travel products based on the traditional way, surprisingly, almost half of the members (49%) would look for travel activities, accommodations and products with Breakup Tours’s first-ever “Mood Search”. Instead of planning the destinations and dates in advance, our members tend to get travel inspirations by answering a few questions and allowing our app to analyse their current mood for recommendations.

4. The most common emotions of heart broken people: “Self-condemned”, “Cannot get off mind”, “Independent”

The most common emotions HK people get going through a breakup are “Self-condemned”, “Independent” and “Cannot get off mind” accordingly. Only 4% of people were furious of being heart broken. 

Self-condemned: 20%
Independent: 20%
Cannot get off mind: 16%
Disheartened: 16%
Relieved: 12%
Grieved: 8%
Rebirth: 4%
Furious: 4%

5. Top occurring words in the breakup stories: “The Other Man/Woman”, “Heart-broken”, “Farewell”

Our members would leave their Breakup Story in the user profile page of our APP. The top occurring words  in those stories are ““The Other Man/Woman”, “Heart-broken” and “Farewell” respectively. 

6. The most depressing time of a day: 11:00pm – 1:00am

Our in-app CS acts as a real-person Breakup Tours Listener, which we listen and chat with our members for the relationship problems. The busiest hours of our Breakup Tours Listeners are every night from 11:00pm to 1:00am.

7. Men talks more than women about how they feel

Do you know that there are 47% more of men that have talked to us about their breakup than women in , and they have typed about 61% more words than women when they share their feelings? Being with strangers, men are more eager to show their weaker self and express what they truly feel. With our Breakup Tour Listeners, they feel like they can talk about everything.

You are not alone in the heart-healing journey. In the coming 2020, our Android APP would be available and we will be launching in Taiwan too, creating a greater community of the broken hearts. In the coming March, package tours would also be available, to provide you around-the-clock healing breakup package tours!

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