Custom-made Breakup Tours
for the broken hearts.

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Custom-madeBreakup Tours

Upcoming iOS app launch in Q4 2019

Themed Tours and Activities

Embark on a themed tour – get lost in nature, immerse yourself in art, undergo a transformation or simply vent your feelings. This will be custom-made according to your schedule, interests and travelling preferences.

Breakup First-aid Kit

We will deliver a Breakup First-aid Kit to you before your trip. The kit includes a variety of items such as a Breakup song list, Expressive Writing Therapy exercise and more to help you get over the pain.

Meet New Friends

Connect with other “Same City Same Date” broken hearts on our app. But of course, you may also choose to enjoy your own company by selecting the “Invisible” mode.

Ignite Program
by Cathay Pacific
Rise Conference
Beta Startup 2019
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by Tech in Asia


I no longer burst into tears whenever I talk about my past relationship, which I used to!


Participant in Sept 2018 Tokyo Breakup Tour
Thank you for being part of my healing journey!


Participant in Sept 2018 Tokyo Breakup Tour
I was incredibly happy throughout the journey and felt that I've truly achieved the purpose of this trip.


Participant in Sept 2018 Tokyo Breakup Tour
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iOS app launches
in Q4 2019