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1 App that caters to your every “single” need.

Breaking up is what everyone encounters at some point in life. It crosses genders and generations. While some take a few months to get over, some are actually haunted for life, if without the proper care.

Breakup Tours is the ONE app people need since the moment you become single and till the day you meet your next love. Breakup Tours caters to different stages of your love status and tailor made the best single events for you.

Your Secret Treehole

We understand venting is a way to get over emotions. Here, you can have your secrets and feelings unfold anytime freely or based on everyday’s theme. You can also read other members’ stories, interact and build rapport with them. Together we get a little stronger every day. You are also welcome to talk with our real-person Customer Service as you Breakup SOS.

Meet Companions

Meet someone who shared a similar experience with love, someone who “had divorced” or “has never been in a relationship”, or share the same dating styles as you , like “let’s get fat together” and “travel the world together”. Visit our app for 7 days in a row, and we will exclusively match you with another member.

Fill the void of loneliness

A unique shopping platform for the singles. Explore our singles exclusive products, join our local events and plan a trip with other single friends here. You may be single but you are never alone in this journey.




By Breakup Tours | July 6, 2020

【約會狀況新詞 – Caspering】對約會對象沒有意思,卻繼續不間斷地聊天?


By Breakup Tours | July 6, 2020

Breakup Shower ?! 跟朋友們來一場文華東方 Staycation 失戀派對,忘掉傷心,2日1夜食玩嘆!

傷心就旅行?即使不去外地都可以宅度假,留在香港一樣可以渡假散心!找閨蜜兄弟們來一場 Breakup ...

By Breakup Tours | July 2, 2020


英國健康期刊《Journal of Family and Marriage》的研究員,曾經以376對...

By Breakup Tours | June 29, 2020
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